About the Developer

Peter Tiflinsky migrated from his birthplace in Ukraine to the United States with one goal in mind: to start a business that his family could benefit from for generations. More than 19 years ago, Tiflinsky founded Premier Developers LLC in Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

The company initially focused on small, single-family homes and has since earned a reputation as a luxury builder of townhomes, mid-rise buildings, high-end multifamily and single-family homes. Premier Developers has built more than 100 custom homes and six residential buildings throughout New Jersey’s Bergen, Hudson and Essex counties.

In addition, the company is known to be a consistent, ready and able buyer, says Principal Tiflinsky. “We continue to successfully climb the ladder in the development industry,” he says. “I realized that real estate development and investing was my passion. I had a good eye for design, put both likings together and began purchasing property in Bergen county.”

Tiflinsky adds that he hired subcontractors to build for him until he realized he could do it himself. “I built a construction company and continued to invest,” he says. “Today, we are now a multimillion-dollar company.”

Keys to Success

Premier Developers’ expertise in customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship are what set it apart from the competition. The company also prides itself on working hand-in-hand with all professionals, as well as having an eye for interior design.

“Our dedication is truly demonstrated in all final projects,” Tiflinsky says, noting that Premier Developers’ undivided attention to detail, its selection of styles and its understanding of the latest trends make the company one of the leading builders in the area. 

“I design all the interiors, pick out all the exterior materials and always look to take it up a notch,” Tiflinsky explains. “I am not your average cookie-cutter builder and that is what has helped me constantly sell. This especially helped during the economic decline when the housing market was stagnant.”

In addition, communication and relationships are valuable assets in the construction industry, which is why Premier Developers always listens to its clients’ needs. “We have a sales team and an office staff that works 12-hour days,” Tiflinsky says. “As the principal, my cell phone number is always available to all my clients.”

He adds that because of the internet, the company’s clients are “extremely educated,” which is why they know what they want in their dream homes. “The Internet as we know is essential and offers plenty of information,” Tiflinsky notes. “That being said, we have always done our best to be ahead of the game. We deliver our clients a turnkey property that offers much more than what is expected.

“We adapt to all different types of cultures and personalities when it coms to our clients,” he continues. “Some need more attention than others, but in the end the client is always right.”

Premier Developers offers a wide array of townhomes that range anywhere from $800,000 to more than $2 million a unit. “Our last single-family home sold for nearly $3 million,” Tiflinsky says. “Our brand-new rental apartments in the better Bergen and Hudson county area range from $1,800 to $3,100 a month.”

On the Pulse

Premier Developers’ clients are stepping away from traditional design and requesting more transitional designs, according to Tiflinsky. “We are creating something in the middle of traditional and modern designs that works beautifully,” he says. “White shaker-style kitchens have been a trend lately, quartz stone is also very popular, and white and sand grays are very popular.”

Tiflinsky notes he also draws inspiration from frequent visits to Europe. “I love the architecture there,” he says. “I try to keep myself up-to-date with the latest furniture and interior design trends there. I’m also subscribed to many magazines that update me on what’s popular and selling.”

Premier Developers often integrates several design features into its houses, including smart home systems, elongated fireplaces and quartz slabs on walls. “Open riser and mono stringer stairs, glass garage doors, rooftop decks with glass panel rails, home elevators, saunas, home theaters and private home gyms are all consistent in our developments,” Tiflinksy notes.

Sustainability is also important to Premier Developers. One of the company’s latest townhome developments in Weehawken, N.J., will have a green roof. “A green roof is a roof that is partially or completely covered with vegetation planted over a waterproofing membrane and absorbs storm water,” Tiflinsky explains. “As land continues to be replaced with structures, there is a necessity to recover green space to maintain environmental quality. We also use LED lighting in our developments, which is more efficient.”

No matter what the project, Premier Developers works only with high-quality subcontractors and safety is always a top priority. “We believe that safety always comes first for all employees,” Tiflinsky says. “That is embedded in our company culture from top to bottom. We conduct OSHA tests regularly, have safety manuals on-site and have certain safety protocols and guidelines our employees must live up to.”

Looking Ahead

With longstanding relationships with the majority of the company’s employees, Tiflinksy says that he is most proud of his team. “They have kept up with the volume of work since day one,” he says. “Most of my employees have been with me from the beginning. I was able to create a family-oriented business where everyone trusts me, loves the company and treats it as their own.”

As Premier Developers moves forward, it aims to grow further. “Adapting to market changes is a challenge we have prepared for,” Tiflinsky says. “I have created a full line of rental buildings with that in mind, and our partners and investors have witnessed our growth and success. They trust my business moves and are constantly willing and eager to invest to get us to the next level.

“You must invest the time into this industry; always have your finger on the pulse, Tiflinsky concludes.We believe that if you build with quality always in mind, you will succeed.”


Sidebar: Community Engagement

Premier Developers is very involved in the local community it serves, sponsoring local baseball, softball and basketball teams. “We support religious institutions with frequent donations and events,” Principal Peter Tiflinsky says. “We allow our local police and fire departments to use our vacant properties for drills. Not only are we known to give back to the community, we are proud to do so.”